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Gratify Group Pte Ltd (formerly known as KDM Group Pte Ltd) was incorporated in February 2004.


Mr Frank Lau is a charming and creative entrepreneur. Despite having been in the IT industry for several years, he found his true calling in the F&B industry. As with any entrepreneur, he started small. This, however, did not prevent him from dreaming big. He was ambitious, continuously looking for inspiration and ideas. Years later, he noticed a rising trend among the youth, something widely known as K-Pop. With a visionary mind, Mr Frank Lau saw this as a golden opportunity.​

He then turned into his wife, Laura Kim. Laura is a strong and talented lady. She supported her husband’s aspirations and admires his abilities. Being Korean, she is knowledgeable about the ingredients and cooking techniques that make for perfect Korean dishes. She knew that she could greatly contribute to Frank’s newest venture.

In 2008, this couple decided to bring their passions together for an exciting project. His entrepreneurial skills combined with her cultural background gave birth to the fresh and dynamic Korean restaurant that is Seoul Yummy.

Since Seoul Yummy’s establishment, she have catered to thousands of local and foreign customers. Located in popular locations throughout Singapore, she have provided them with delicious Korean food, exceptional service and an overall great experience!


In 2016, the company was renamed Gratify Group with the slogan ‘to please, satisfy & reward’. The group aim to deliver gratifying customer experience with excellent products and services through innovative concepts.


To please, satisfy and reward our customers and employees with excellent brand experience.


To gratify the WORLD one person at a time.


Gratify - to please, satisfy and reward

Every effort made, from sourcing for quality food ingredients, food preparation to serving our customers every day with passion, we only have customers’ smiles in mind. Likewise, for our employees, we cherish every single one of them. We constantly seek out opportunities to support and motivate, to recognize and reward, to train and develop, to coach and empower each and every employee.

Responsibility - to take ownership and be accountable

We commit to our roles and take ownership and accountability for tasks assigned to us. It is ok to make mistakes but it is important to own them and make good. We commit to always complete our tasks and assignments to the best possible quality on time.

Excellence - to be the best that we can be

We always learn from the best and strive to exceed all expectations. We aspire to match and emulate the highest standards in the industry we are in. We quantify excellence by the smiles we bring to our customers and employees.

Advancement - to continuously learn, improve and grow

We possess a growth mindset, always humble and driven to learn and improve. We are open to constructive feedback and seize every opportunity to be better. We constantly challenge ourselves so we can keep innovating, keep growing and keep raising the bar higher.

Teamwork - to be a team player

We believe teamwork is the key to all success. We respect that everyone has different strengths and thinking as we accept no one is always right. We harness the power of those differences through a work environment that is open, honest, respectful, inclusive, supportive, collaborative, engaging, safe and conducive to better ideas. Team alignment is paramount to achieve superior results. Everyone plays an important role and is expected to be a team player.

!mpact - to create a positive difference

We continuously strive for better performance so we can grow sustainably and build up substantial resources and capacity to consistently improve the lives of our employees through better benefits, learning and development, opportunities and growth. By doing so, we can create positive difference to the people and communities around us.

Let's be
GREAT! Together!
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