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Seoul Yummy is conceptualised as the 1st Korean Casual Dining restaurant in Singapore and its goal is to create unforgettable dining experiences through delicious food and excellent customer service offered at a good value.

Seoul Yummy is made up of 3 main characteristics which is: K-Pop, K-Food and K-Culture. 

It is this very appeal of K-Pop that brought about Seoul Yummy, wanting to immerse people in this fun and colourful world, giving them feelings of joy and great memories to go with.

Seoul Yummy is also built on the firm belief that Korean food should be affordable and easily accessible to the mass consumers. To complete customer’s dining experience, signature Seoul Yummy’s wishing locks can be found in all outlets and this covers part of Seoul Yummy’s K-Culture experience with the wishing locks process being similar and inspired by N Seoul Tower in Seoul.


Customers can make a wish or simply leave a message with the lock that. With the outlet surrounded by different colourful locks, Seoul Yummy is portrayed as a place full of love. Staff at Seoul Yummy is friendly and courteous, helping you to feel at home in the humble establishment and ensuring all requests are attended to at a fast pace.

Whether you’re enjoying a quiet meal with family, sealing a business deal with executives, hanging out with friends, or simply having some alone time – Seoul Yummy is the place to be!

Seoul Yummy aims to be the choice of youth, professionals andfamilies for Korean casual dining in the Asia Pacific.


OMOOMO was started in October 2016 and currently has 2 outlets in Singapore. 오모오모 [omo-omo] is a famous Korean slang for people who are into Korean culture/drama and it means ‘Oh My”.

At OMOOMO, we believe that different cuisine has their own unique flavours & aims to fuse them well with Korean flavours and cooking techniques to serve Amazingly Good food!

OMOOMO is also Halal certified!

We are planning for more sub-brands over the next few years. Each OMOOMO food concepts outlet may consist of more than one of the sub-brands. 


Customers' profile: mass market, students, working professionals and families who want quick, affordable and Awesomely Good tasting meals. 

It was created with the idea of keeping our operations simple by eliminating the need for Front of House using self-ordering, self-payment kiosks with self-collection and returning areas. It is our answer to manpower lean and high productivity model.

By leveraging on digital technology, we are able to bring convenience and a greater range of choices by enabling our customers to build products to their preferences. As each outlet need not have a big operational space, we can grow this brand quickly with fewer capital expenses per outlet. Due to its streamlined and lean operations, it can be easily set up and has huge potential to scale up fast.

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Pizzamaru is the most symbolic pizza brand in Korea, with more than 620 stores across Korea.

Pizzamaru’s signature green tea well-being dough recipe is a successful patent exclusive to the brand; Advocating the concept of healthy-wellbeing. Besides green tea, there are also flaxseed, chlorella, barley and 12 other healthy grains added to the dough recipe.

In order to bring the best Korean food culture to the world Pizzamaru’s menu offers not only high-quality Korean pizza, but also Korean fried chicken, Korean pasta and other interesting products.


In Korea, Pizzamaru is also a credited brand, winning “Brand of the Year Award” for consecutively 7 years and “Excellent Franchise Award” for consecutively 6 Years.

Pizzamaru opened the 1st store in South Wing of Northpoint City, 2nd store at Bugis+ and 3rd store at Jewel Changi Airport, in Singapore.


Franchise to and operated by Gratify Group Pte Ltd.

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