The Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand Recognition is a third-party international certification for enterprises, brands, products and entrepreneurs. It is also a strategic international platform for corporate communication among outstanding enterprises in Asia Pacific region.

ASIAN EXCELLENCE AWARDEES 2015 The Asian Excellence Awards are designed to recognize the achievements and excellence in management acumen, financial performance, corporate social responsibility, environmental practices and investor relations.

The SPBA recognizes and honours Singapore brands that have been developed and managed effectively through various branding initiatives.

To heartland enterprises that have been serving Singaporeans’ daily needs since nation building, this may be a question of future survival. To continue to thrive in a future full of uncertainties, they must reinvent and transform themselves.



The RAS Epicurean Star Award celebrates the milestone achievements of both individuals and establishments in Singapore’s F&B industry.


The inaugural SME Digital Leap Awards is the way of honouring small medium enterprises (SME)s in Singapore that have made efforts to digitalise and transform their business. This award will recognise well-rounded excellence in three area: digital enablement, employee development and leadership direction, as well as an award category for SME employees who have been instrumental in championing digitalisation efforts within their companies.


Our “Daebak Army Stew” was chosen as one of the best 12 army stews by BestInSingapore. This feature truly reflects our determination in only bringing out the best modern flavours that remain true to Korean cuisine.

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